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Super Graphics

So we’re swiftly approaching the final presentation for this Camera Obscura Project and I’ve spent this weekend knocking up my sheets for Tuesday. What I’ve done is instead of walking the viewer through my inspirations, my precedents and my site analysis, what I’ve sided with is a more aspirational, experiential montage of how the spaces relate to each other. My design revolves around the projection of data and film and the different ways a person can experience that, be it through immersion, information, scale, reaction or interaction.

This is what is being called a “super graphic”, a quick, punchy explanation of a project in two A1 sheets, It will be presented alongside a 1:500 site model and 1:100 individual models of the different interventions.


Short #1

Something I was knocking up this morning, mind you a solid 3 hours knocking… This is a combination of a V-Ray render on SketchUp, layered with some simple line graphics from SketchUp. Then I took famous buildings from across the world and thresholded them and added a blur layer and other gubbins to fit them into the scene. I’m trying not to sound too much like a 5 year old telling a story but THEN I sketched the figures in my pad, scanned them and inverted them. Finally I took some more buildings (one of which is the Taj Mahal which felt a bit too far but it’s done now) and placed them on the blocks in the scene.

In my proposal, you won’t be able to project 3D objects from the shapes themselves but these type of images are all about the emotive experience of the building. The sense that you can change cities, uproot sky-scrapers.

Gallery Tryptic

The gallery I’ve been devising over the last week revolves around three different areas of the space and the light they receive. The first, “display”, is a space for presentation of photography and art. Lit from above the artwork on show will be protected by UV resistant membrane skins suspended below the window. This is the main view of the gallery. The second is “orientation”, a space to arrive, to leave your coat and to arrange your thoughts. Mainstay collections will be arranged here as well as information desks and toilets. Neither dark nor light this is the hub of the gallery. And thirdly, my favourite, is “projection”, A space to watch films about Manchester’s architecture, films about architecture and architectural films. Visitors will emerge into a moving arctive space or possibly activate the space themselves.

It’s nice being able to express a scheme in three simple images, even nicer to be able to express yourself visually in the first place. Some people are good at presentations because they can talk eloquantly and freely about whatever, they can sell their scheme. I have had the problem from day one of this course that I cannot talk to a group. Recently this problem has been dissippated slightly by a rise in confidence in my work but the fear is still there. I have always found it difficult talking to a group of more than four people and every time I present I aim to finish as quickly as humanly possible. This was helped, therefore, by simple clean sheets that show what I’m about without having to hear myself speak for five minutes. After a minute and a bit I just looked up and said “aaand that’s my scheme”.

And that’s today’s post.

Plus my sheets.

Portfolio Hand In

Almost too close to call with the deadline there but I managed to achieve the minimum requirement and hand something in. I wanted to post what I submitted and also, the films I’ve made over the last few months. This was in the form of a portfolio of group and personal work, a design report summarising the almost day by day analysis of what I was doing and why, and a drawing pack of technical details from this White Water project.


Design Report

White Water Drawing Pack



Presentation Boards from Tuesday

probably the smoothest crit so far at the MSA and it bloody better be, slept 5 hours in 60 before that review… Love Arch

White Water Visualition

I am eternally indebted to Alex Hogrefe for his fantastic tutorials, they were amazing and helped me to whip up this little beauty in just a couple of hours. The original image of the building is from sketchup but I’ve applied various tricks and overlays to really abstract the image and turn it into something dynamic and exciting. This isn’t a perspective sketch anymore, this is really about selling the idea of activity and sport on the site, creating a feeling of excitement about my design that a plain old render could never really accomplish.

Site Render

Sketchup model of site, rendered in V Ray…

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