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I went to Canada over the summer, here are some pages from my sketchbook. I went out initially to stay with my friend who lives on the outskirts of Toronto and then after a week my family arrived and we stayed in a fantastic house by a lake near Ottawa and Montreal. We went for a trip to Montreal and Ottawa as well as the time I spent in Toronto so I got a great, month-long tour of Eastern Canada. It was an amazing and utterly inspiring trip.


Common Ground

I was talking to my friend and mentioned that I’d spent the day on the common and it turns out people from Leeds have no idea what a common is… I mentioned “Wombles of Wimbledon Common are we” and she explained that that line had a comma in it: “Wombles of Wimbledon, common are we”! Now I used to live pretty close to Wimbledon Common and those Wombles were anything but common, you barely ever see them these days. Since the latter part of my most recent project involves the transformation and creation of public space I thought a brief look at the theory of public distribution of space was worth more than just a rendition of a childhood tv program theme-song.

Just to put the record straight a common is a piece of common land, that normally belonged to a larger estate but through public use has been given right of way so that people can use it for whatever, there are no gates or fences around it (like parks) and there are no restrictions for when it can be used. It’s public space.

South London where I live is full of them and the Lidos that come with them and they’re great places on a sunny day like today. This got me thinking about the public/private ratio that goes on in cities and more specifically London. I saw this the other day which really prompted this post:

Krier tries to find a perfect balance achieved by some cities like Barcelona with its many squares built into dense mazes of streets. South London is, of course, a very different beast and especially in the low-lying sub-city that is South London, more sprawl than inner city but really too dense to be called Suburbia. Here’s a map showing the “common land” of my area:

Phase II Projection

This will just be a short post as I’m working on two projects simultaneously at the moment. Above is a video I made over the weekend as part of a proposal for the Lloyd Street area of our “Camera Obscura” project. The idea revolves around a long white piece of material spanning the site, projected onto from below by the “information pipeline” sharing information about the gallery and dedicated server speed for the advanced computing required to run the electronic hub space in the Peace Gardens. The idea reflects the vaulted gallery space in the hall and what will be proposed for the hub space as well, giving a continuity of form to a project that if not properly managed could become disparate and ungainly. The idea of verticle design in Gothic Architecture is brought through in this way and it will also allow for some interesting visual experiments in the space having that connecting ribbon running along above the pedestrians. This also gives reflected lighting to the space giving it a more delicate and nuanced appearance which I hope to visualise in the near future. Until then here’s a quick initial sketch to give a general impression:

The most exciting bit of today’s news however is my ever so massively behind the times acknowledgement of QR codes which, for the uninitiated are those little square labels you find on things like leaflets, clothes labels and the like. They hold more information than bar codes and can be expanded to suit to complexity of the material meaning almost infinite permutations. I found a website called QR-code generator which lets you make your own! So, in true networking fashion I’ve made one for this blog right here. How riveting.

Portfolio Hand In

Almost too close to call with the deadline there but I managed to achieve the minimum requirement and hand something in. I wanted to post what I submitted and also, the films I’ve made over the last few months. This was in the form of a portfolio of group and personal work, a design report summarising the almost day by day analysis of what I was doing and why, and a drawing pack of technical details from this White Water project.


Design Report

White Water Drawing Pack



Concept Diagrams

For this project I wanted to reflect the river alongside the site. This image really demonstrates how I feel about the site and what I want to show.

Different Forms

I was reading through “form, space and order” by F. Ching for inspiration on how to set up and arrange my building. He splits all buildings up into 5 unique categories:

1. Centralised

2. Radial

3. Clustered

4. Linear

5. Grid


and so I’ve mocked up some designs of each, situated on site. It’s been absolutely great since I learnt how to render, being able to create something that looks great and takes minimal effort.

Keep Drawing

Times like this with construction and CAD drawings taking the fore it’s important to just take some time and just draw. We’re starting the design and initial stages of our Graz Kayak project in a few days time so I’m starting to contemplate what my building will actually look like. Over the next week I’ll be placing my sketches in this post to show the process and changing forms of my design.

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