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Portfolio Hand In

Almost too close to call with the deadline there but I managed to achieve the minimum requirement and hand something in. I wanted to post what I submitted and also, the films I’ve made over the last few months. This was in the form of a portfolio of group and personal work, a design report summarising the almost day by day analysis of what I was doing and why, and a drawing pack of technical details from this White Water project.


Design Report

White Water Drawing Pack




Presentation Boards from Tuesday

probably the smoothest crit so far at the MSA and it bloody better be, slept 5 hours in 60 before that review… Love Arch

White Water Visualition

I am eternally indebted to Alex Hogrefe for his fantastic tutorials, they were amazing and helped me to whip up this little beauty in just a couple of hours. The original image of the building is from sketchup but I’ve applied various tricks and overlays to really abstract the image and turn it into something dynamic and exciting. This isn’t a perspective sketch anymore, this is really about selling the idea of activity and sport on the site, creating a feeling of excitement about my design that a plain old render could never really accomplish.

Drawing Pack – Sections

I was trying to explain to my house mate about sections and their importance last night after slaving on these for an hour or so. I ended up comparing it to a victoria sponge being cut down the middle to reveal the layering inside. I don’t think he was really convinced and said that I was wasting my time…

Drawing Pack – Construction deets

This is an amalgamation of a lot of examples from Detail magazine and a materials book whose name I have forgotten but I will definitely link in at a later date. Anyway, these are three detail drawings of joining across my building. More to follow after presentation on Tuesday, which is raising its head like some hideous tidal wave…

It’s been a long time coming but plans go’n come

It seems like such a long time since I had to design a building. Really our last project in which we had to think about circulation, spaces and where the bathrooms go was back in February! Since then we’ve been doing pavilions and light projects and to complicate things further, they’ve all been group projects.

So it was a strange feeling today to get back to it after so long, to be pulling my hair our about the challenges of the site, how the bathrooms are gonna fit together and what the width of internal walls are?! Also I’ve been thinking about the form of this all important stair case and trying to make it beautiful but at the same time keeping an eye on this one week time limit…

Anyway, here is the first draft of my plans, they’re mostly for my benefit at the moment as they don’t have annotation or line weights at the moment but if you look really hard you may be able to work some of it out. Or doors, it doesn’t have doors yet…

Everything seems to be “First Draft” these days

Presentation Sheets

first draft of the A1 sheets for the White Water Project. I’ve only just presented, the feedback was generally positive but I was told the sheets needs re-ordering to create a better flow of information.

Presentation Sheets

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