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Architecture + Film … Amour

I went to see Amour on the weekend, the new Michale Haneke film. I’ve only seen a couple of his films before: Hidden and Funny Games and this was both very different and yet similar. All are films in incredibly close quarters, often only having a few shots of the outside world and focus on a drama unfolding in the home. Amour is just a beautiful film, it was like that elderly couple on the bus that you observe and they’re talking about a classical music concert that they’ve been too. Except its for 2 hours which is great, and one of them’s dying which is not great. It was deeply moving and because of the closeness you had a real familiarity with the characters but also their environment, you got to know every aspect of the flat in Paris. This stands in stark contrast with some films I’ve seen recently when characters are forced upon the viewer and you couldn’t give a care whether they live or die, in this you were effected and drawn in. This was drawn from memory a few days after I saw the film and I really can imagine every corner, really recommend it.


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