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Berlin + Collage City

I went to Berlin this term as part of an essay we’re doing this year but also because I have wanted to visit Germany for a very long time. Above are some of the sketches from the trip.

The essay is to be written about the city but in reference to an architectural text of our choosing. We were given an extensive list but the clear choice for me was Collage City by Colin Rowe and Fred Koetter. It discusses the importance of a layering of different systems in a city, of different ideas and masterplans. The dream of a utopian city or even a modern city is not necessarily a positive one. Cities are constantly evolving and additive processes and nowhere is this clearer than in Berlin, a city of conflicting beliefs and colliding ideas. It has grown and adapted, not only over the last 100 years but since its conception and the essay will hope to focus both on the architectural impact of this but also on the citizens of Berlin and how they have reacted and caused these changes.


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