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Presentation Sheets

first draft of the A1 sheets for the White Water Project. I’ve only just presented, the feedback was generally positive but I was told the sheets needs re-ordering to create a better flow of information.

Presentation Sheets


East Elevation

still working on line widths but here’s my first draft of the East elevation of the existing site.

Site Render

Sketchup model of site, rendered in V Ray…

Concept Diagrams

For this project I wanted to reflect the river alongside the site. This image really demonstrates how I feel about the site and what I want to show.

Different Forms

I was reading through “form, space and order” by F. Ching for inspiration on how to set up and arrange my building. He splits all buildings up into 5 unique categories:

1. Centralised

2. Radial

3. Clustered

4. Linear

5. Grid


and so I’ve mocked up some designs of each, situated on site. It’s been absolutely great since I learnt how to render, being able to create something that looks great and takes minimal effort.

Thinking about Program

Looking at a list of programs for a building such as meeting rooms, offices and kitchens can be hard to visualise until you have the data needed to truly imagine the spaces they take up. Here are the relative sizes of the rooms in the Kayaing centre we’re designing for this newest project:

  • Main Club Area
  • Meeting rooms x2
  • Storage room (food and drink)
  • Kayak storage
  • Security office (as well as cloakroom)
  • Race office (somewhere to oversee the event happening)
  • Changing area (I have chosen a changing village to best utilise space
  • Toilets (inc disabled toilets)

This diagram also shows how the rooms relate to each other, what needs to be adjacent to what. This will inform my overall design.

The challanges of drawing a moving site

Our first task of 12 which form the appendixes and guides for the essay due in January centres around sketching the site we’ve chosen. As I’e mentioned before I’ve chosen the Northern end of Withington, just below the bustle of Fallowfield. The inhabitants of this small area are mostly students and renters and what interested me most about the site was its lack of destination. The shops in the junction I’ve selected are all real estates and this meeting of four or five roads has so much traffic going through it that it gives the impression that no-one lives here, that it is purely a transitional space. I chose to focus this task on the portrayal of the people on site, because it is their fleeting entry and exit that really makes this site: Appendix 1

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